On March 4, the International Charitable Foundation "Amulet of Hope" donated a new consignment of humanitarian aid, collected by residents of the town of Lubaczów (Poland).

On March 4, the International Guardian of Hope Charity Foundation handed over a new batch of humanitarian aid collected by residents of the city of Lubaczów (Poland). These are 2.5 tons of cargo with everything needed: sleeping bags, grocery sets, medicine, blankets, sleeping mats. A part of the cargo on the same day was sent to Sumy. We note that humanitarian assistance from Lviv region is organized by the Department of Education of LODA in accordance with the signed Memorandum. There are humanitarian hubs in Lubaczów, where assistance arrives to our state from different parts of the world, which then goes to Lviv, with subsequent transportation to areas in need of assistance. We express our gratitude to the head of the Lubaczów Province, Zenon Swatek. Humanitarian cargo with food, weapons, and everything needed, arrive all the time.